Sunday, December 21, 2014

I's must catch this!!

Kill the snakie,, kill the snakie... kills it now! 
(says it singing  LOL ) 
 Drat... this snake is hards to catch!

See's I almost haves this...

But then.. it does this..

Evens standing on my tippy toes.. its hards to catch.....


The Island Cats said...

Snakey is very sneaky, but we know it's no match for you, Rose.

Summer at said...

That snake is giving you a hard time, isn't it?

Nerissa said...

They're slithery characters are those snakes. Even the fabric ones, it seems. MOUSES!


Shari said...

I's keep trying IC! Yes it is Summer! Keeps trying to kills yours too Nerissa!

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