Thursday, January 15, 2015

3 Glorious Mice!

Giant Lady gave me, 3 glorious mice!   

I tries to play with all at the same time... and put them in my mouth all at the same times...
They all won't fit.  :P 

I's bunny kicks this one!

Giant Lady said this one was blurry... but I's like it!
See my big fangs?!

These mice are lots of funs!

I's shall gets you other mousey!


The Island Cats said...

Those mousies don't stand a chance with you, Rose. Have fun!

Summer at said...

I have mousies like that too, and they are so FUN!

Shari said...

Theys are a challenge IC! Thanks you Summer,, glads you likes them too!

Ms. Phoebe said...

Mousie in your little mouthie- SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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