Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rose ~ What am I ?

Whats am I's?

Am 8 months old now.  Giant Lady says I's have super
furry pads, really long furs on the bottoms of my big paws.

I's has a super fluffy tail that is longs as my body.

I's have some furs on the tips of my ears..

I's have big paws and super bigs/long whiskers still.

My Mane is growing, Giant Lady wonders if it will keep growing since I am only 8 months old.

Giant Lady said to say, I's bossy....  I's am not!
Ok, maybes a little... 

My fur is super, super silky and soft, makes me look likes I's have shorter fur than I's do.

I's looked like a Norwegian Forest kitty when I's was itty bitty.

Then Giant Lady reads up on the Turkish Angoras, they's sound like me too!
Theys are super silky, bossy and likes to play in water.
I's as long and tall is Mia is now,  Mia is an averaged sized house kitty and full grown.
I's only 8 months.

Giant Ladys wants to know,, as she needs to know what to calls me in her paintings.
She says, peoples like that.


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

You are going to be a BIG CAT Rose... Wow!

Summer at said...

Rose, if you do not come from purebred stock, you are a beautiful domestic longhaired kitty! The field of purebreds is such a tiny percentage of all cats that you probably don't have any modern breed blood - people try to claim their domestic mixed kitties come from a certain breed but it's just not true 99% of the time. And it doesn't matter because ALL cats are beautiful... and you are ESPECIALLY beautiful - and yes, you are going to be a big kitty!

Shari said...

The shelters was told, I's is purebred. They said they knew buts they don't tell peoples.

Thanks you Mark!

Shari said...

One of Giant Lady's friends said I must be part Hobbit with paws like that.

Thats ok with me... they gets 2nd breakfast!

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