Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rose and one of her Giant Humans~

Took some fun photos of the new Kitten Rose, with DH eating Popcorn last night.
Was fun watching him trying to eat and handle a kitten at the same time.
This photo just screamed vintage to me. 
So I had to play.

Modern gadgets with a old vintage twist.

As with all my Art, it is copyrighted and NOT part of Public Domain.


Summer at said...

Rose, did that popcorn have any butter on it? Did you get a taste?

Shari said...

His Summer,
Yes, yes it did and Giant Human let me cleans all his fingers! Yum!!


The Swiss Cats said...

We had the same question as Summer : how cool ! You could taste popcorn AND butter on dad's fingers ! Nice vintage effect ! Purrs

Shari said...

Thanks you Swiss Cats!


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