Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The highest Tower~

Giant Lady says I's not the most graceful of cats... 
is more like a Tank. 
I's has been wanting on this for while now... 
Finally after all the failed attempts.... 
I's achieved my goal !!

Tank indeeds... Ba !

Friday, November 23, 2018

Holiday Tree and Kindle Fires ~

Giant Lady decided to have a Holiday tree this year but nots a real one, they are just too much works.

I's decided it makes a nice Cat Bed.

I's don't care if the Giant Lady misses a real fireplace...

Its sounds like a Fire but there are no warms.... that is sooo wrongs !

Theys had better find the moneys to get mes a real live 
warm one! 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Cats Healing peoples~

Of Course!

I's Guess I shall allow Mia ons my page, since this was befores my time.

Mia helping Giant Lady with the painting she dids of Mia.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I's WAS , sleeping~

Seriously Giant Lady, I's WAS sleepings, Goes away.
(Thats is GL's laptop, with the painting Mia she did on top, 
she stills hasn't finished my painting.)

If's I do not looks at her, maybe she will goes away.

Shoooo.....  ands stops taking pictures of mes, 
its not funny...  Stops laughing...

Fines, my response is ,  "The Paw" !!!

Mia does look rather funny upsides downs. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Theres a Bug !

I hears Giant Lady say, "Rose, what are you doing, 
get off the Curtains"!

Sheesh... heres I am, trying to tells her there is a nasty bug. Am pointing and everything but is she Thankful.....  No.  :P

Humans can be a challenge some times.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

New Harness ~

Giant Lady thoughts she could have me model my new Harness, without taking me out for a walk.
I don'ts want to model and I's am letting her know hows I feel.

The cheap harnesses, which did not fit very well, 
lets just say,
 I thought it fun to get out of.
Not that I would go far.

So Giant Lady, searched far and wide for a harness that would fit me perfect, be very comfy and I couldn't get out of.
Sheesh... what fun is that?

She found...CatSpia.

 I have the Cora Harness A.

Mia and Nari also have their own harnesses too,
Mia has the Knox Harness A and
Nari has the Besty Harness A.

All have a slightly different size and fit.
And very highly recommend by me and Giant Lady.

If you are interested in a harness like this...

Catspia Harnesses

She keeps talking and talking, come on Rose she says... please just do a little modeling for me...
This is hows I feel about it.

The harness is for going out and having funs... I's will do photos outside, Not, insides.
Humans do not listen very wells. 

Then she tells me she is too tireds.  So she gets the ears. 

Yes, I know Giant Lady, you can see it in the dark.

Monday, May 28, 2018

To Warms ~

Is too warms.
Giant Lady said," she is keeping the house at 72*".....
She said," it is much more hot outside".
I's don't believe her.

Also Bored.......again. 

Looks, there are birds outside......

Never minds, will just lay here and melts in this heat.