Monday, October 4, 2021

Rose and Holding hands

Giant Mrs Lady has not allowed me to post on
my blog much for a while. 

Pretty much just hold Giant Mr Man's arm or Hand when he is working.

Doing my best to be a good Nurse kitty.

                               I loves my Giant Mr Man.

 Is sometimes tiring with all the works I do,
 so I takes a nap.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Rose, Mina and the Snow

Mina, her first snow and the manners adjustment of a rowdy teenager who did not want to share, by Rose. LOL 

 No kittens were hurt in the making of these photos except her pride.

Rose says, Stay over there Teenager ....

Mina says, this is mine I am not going to share, go away...

I have asked you nicely whippersnapper... 
Mina was going to pounce Rose.

LOL Rose was being sooo patient with her.

Giant Lady, Rose was mean to me..... Mina I have no sympathy, you were being a twit. LOL


Thursday, December 10, 2020

A New Kitten

 Oh my gosh people, the Giant Lady brought home a new kitten a few months ago.  I would of told you earlier but she would not let me on the computer to up date my blog. 

Her name is Mina, shes grey like me, a bit roudy but whens she gets like that I just drop her on her head. 
She is kind'a fun, at times.....  

Giant Mr Man and one of the first pictures of Mina. 

Friday, April 10, 2020

Face Masks Offered

Giant Lady and I have been feeling helpless with everything that has been going on, we want to do something but know the best thing for us and others is to stay home. 

 One day she looked on Zazzle and saw they were offering face masks.
 It might be a tiny drop in the bucket but it is something we can do. 

 Giant Lady and I will be adding more daily.

Please feel free to share this, the more we sells, the more masks we can buy for the health workers.

 What ever royalties we get for the Face Masks, will go toward me buying face masks for the local Doctor's office. 

 15% off with code TOGETHERZAZZ 

Giant Lady did a few of me. Can see more at the Store.

Friday, January 24, 2020

The New Food Thingy ~

Mia, how did you get the food out of the weird food bowl, 
it looks so good?!!

Like this Rose, you put your paw over the round thing, reach in and it sticks to your fur, pull your paw out and nums.

Likes this?

Not quite, watch again.

Mia, why does the Giant Lady make us work for our foods?
Because it is fun Rose ! 

Monday, January 6, 2020

Am Sleeping ~

I am sleeping so shoo ~
Go about your business.

Nari Action Video ~

Giant Lady here, since Rose is busy napping..

Nari helping me move big Physics and Math books.
Wasn't able to get it all done, pulse got to high 

but it was nice to do a normal household thing.