Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Still Healing from my Spay ~

I's still healing from my spay.... :P   Giant Lady says I's a rather rambunctious patient.  Me.... naw...nevers!
Had a bit of an allergic reaction to the stitches.

Here's some photos... of before, playing with my snake!

See I's can fly!!


The Island Cats said...

Hi Rose! We hope you're doing better now.

LMoore said...

We have missed you Rose.

Vanessa Morgan said...

Poor Rose. I hope you'll feeling better from your spay very soon. Feline hugs.

The Swiss Cats said...

We send you healing purrs Rose ! Purrs

Shari said...

Thanks you IC, LMoore, VM and Swiss Cat!
I's had missed all of you too!!

Summer at said...

When I was spayed, I had a reaction of sorts - to the pain meds! They made me really lazy, for a few days! After that my human did not give them to me again.

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