Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rose the Vet and things~~

Giant Lady here....  Rose has not quite forgiven me for taking her to the Vet... she told me to write in her blog... hrmmp..

Another very long day.  

Had to start early with Morning chores... so I could take Rose for a booster shot.
Ended up behind people that wanted to do 40 mph, instead of the 55mph it was posted at...
Which, needless to say...  
didn't matter in the end, because the Vet was way behind.

Guess Rose really, really hated the Vet that spayed her.... though this is not the same Vet.
Sitting there waiting with Rose sticking her head of the soft sided carrier she uses... wanting me to itch her and tell her it was ok.
All the staff thought she was very cute and wanted to come over and say Hi.  Rose hissed at them!
Remember these are not the same people or building for that matter... that did her spay.
She knew who they were and no one was fooling her!!

Another older lady came in... and talked with Rose and Rose talked to her, with her chatter and meows...
Was very cute.
Look on the staffs face....  LOL  Felt bad for them. But Rose knew the difference. 

Got in the Room,  she explored and wasn't worried...  This Vet is a very nice Vet,  but she got Hiss at any way... then Rose wanted me to pick her up. 
She got her shot and we left. 

DS came with me since it is spring break. So I took her out of her carrier and put her Harness on.  Will never use the harness going to or at the Vets, as I don't want her to associate with that.
She was soooo happy to put her harness on.
DS, held her while we drive to the next thing we needed to do.
Long day, but Rose did well.... even if it started out with the Vet. 


Summer at said...

My human puts one of my harnesses on when I go to the vet - but she uses a different carrier, which she only uses for the vet. It's actually a nice carrier! I actually don't mind the vet and have never hissed at any human. I have hissed a couple of times at other cats, but not recently.

The Island Cats said...

Rose, I hiss at the vet too. ~Zoey

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