Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Giant Lady's Art ~

I's been trying to get my Giant Lady to let me post on my Blog,,, 
she is just soo busy lately.  :P

Well, here is somes of her art on giant mugs from Zazzle.
My giant humans love these and who's can blame them, 
there are
kitties on the mugs!
OKs, kitties on three of the Mugs, I's don't know what

is up with the garden shed one.
That's boring.

Howevers, Giant Lady needs to finish the kitten painting of me.
Is No fairs,  Mia and Nari have their own mugs... I's want one too!

Giant Lady's Mugs

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rose and the Eggs ~

This is the Giant Human reporting......

That will teach me.

So, I put the chickens to bed last night. Bantams gave me two little eggs. I went back into the house and put them on the kitchen table.

Went back out to herd Tiny Tim (aka the spare Quail bantam rooster) and one of the turkeys that did not want to go to bed in the Main Hen House.

Got that done, and 3 CC Legbars, want to stay out and catch beetles all night. Took some doing but got them to finally go to bed in their raised hen house.

By that time it was late, I totally forgot about the eggs on the table.

Decided to watch and evening show. Rose came in and laid next to me, all 4 paws in the air and decided all 4 paws needed a good washing. She seemed quite happy with herself.
Thought nothing of it.


I get up to get some water and see, first one egg on the floor, all away on the other side of the kitchen and looks like someone...ate the insides.. the other, was all the way on the other side of the kitchen, broken with yoke all over the place.
Then I realize.... those were paw prints, as she walked through the broken yoke many times.

Major sigh.... clean up what I can and break out the Steam cleaner.

Like I said.... that'll teach me

I know I should of taken a photo of Rose's yoke paw prints on the floor, but it was fairly late and I just wanted to get it cleaned up before going to bed.

But here is a photo of Rose sleeping like she does when we watch TV every evening.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Rose and the fly

There was a fly buzzing around my face....

So I caught it and ate it.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rose and the Tiny Box~

Dig, dig......dig...
I's don't care if the box is too small...
 I's WILL fit!

And I's will glare until I's can!