Monday, June 20, 2016

Rose in ~ I's Won !

I's had the Giant Lady enters a contest awhile back.
Its arrived a few days ago, would you looks at all the boxes!

I's let Mia look......... for a bit. 

I's told Giant Lady to hurry up, so I's can see whats inside all the boxes.
This ones cool, it has a tiny ball in it.

So I's show her, hows to get it out of the box.
 Then she tells me, there is much more in there and wait a second for her to get it out.

Giant Lady pulled everything out of that box, I's decide to jump in. Its a cool box and a purrfect place to sit, and watch her put together one of the toys.

I's didn't stay in there long though, there were too many things to help with.

More cool things... I's wonder whats they do?

 Oooooh, this is sooo neats!  
Its the ball in the box toy, I's played with it for a longs while!

Giant Lady cheated, she puts yummy catnip on the scratchy thingy.
It smells veryyy good!

 This is very comfy and I's can sit here and play.

 I's can't help myself...I's love this!

I's had fun playing with the thingy with the flower on it... but its was just ok.
Until, Giant Lady said, wait Rose, you will really like what it
is supposed to do.
See...see... she made waters magically come out of it...
I's loves this too!

Thanks you Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula of Sweet Purrfections for all this stuff.
Her Website is