Tuesday, December 20, 2016

For a Good Cause~

Catit is having a Contest to see which shelter to donate toys and stuff too.

My Giant human picked a No Kill Shelter in NW Oregon, because they have always been good to their animals.

She also got two of our kitty fur kids from there.

Please either add this shelter, or your favorite no kill shelter to the contest.

Columbia Humane Society, St Helens Oregon



Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rose Chilling ~

Here's I's am chilling on Giant Lady because she is warms.

She keeps telling me I's making her Hen peck on the warm clicky thing she keeps looking at.

I's don't know what Hen pecking means.... 
and I's don't really cares... 
as longs as I's am warms.

She is wearings one of her Icelandic Horse paintings on her shirt.

Giant Lady used her Smart phone for the photo and its not very good.